The utilization of state-of-art tracking technologies with geographic information systems to understand fundamental physiological, behavioral, and ecological processes. We have tracked species ranging from minnows to white sharks to harbor seals with ultrasonic, radio, archival, and satellite tags as well as detected them with automated monitors. Our studies aim to elucidate the link between an animal's behavior and its social and physical environment.

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Department of Wildife, Fish, & Conservation Biology
University of California, Davis
1334 Academic Surge Building
Davis, California 95616
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Phone:  (530) 752-5830

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Scientific Articles: Hot off the Press

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  • See all publications

Members of the Biotelemetry Laboratory: in the News

6/20/2012 Klimley and Biotelemetry Lab researchers are featured in the June 2013 issue of Discover Magazine!  Order the issue here ( http://discovermagazine.com/), or read the article here

4/13/2011 Rescuers save fish stranded in bypass Sacramento Bee
  "More than 100 sturgeon and other imperiled fish were rescued from a flood-control channel Tuesday after weeks of high water in the Sacramento River receded, leaving them stranded..."

8/4/2008 Science tags along with elusive shark of the deep San Francisco Chronicle
  "There was a hard tug on the fishing line. The creature at the other end thrashed in vain. Finally, a landing net lifted the struggling fish onto the deck of the boat anchored off Alcatraz Island..."

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