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Dennis Cocherell holding Sacramento sucker

Holding a Sacramento sucker, South Fork American River, 2005

Dennis E. Cocherell

Position: Staff ResearchAssociate II
(Drs. Fangue / Cech / Klimley/ Thompson Laboratories

Campus Address:
Department of Wildlife, Fish, & Conservation Biology
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

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2005: University of California, Davis. Wildlife and Fish Conservation Biology – B.S. Conservation Biology

Research Interests:

As Professor Fangue’s laboratory manager I have the opportunity to work with multidisciplinary research teams to understand animal's physiological specializations. My current research focuses on native anadromous and freshwater fishes. For example some of the current projects I am managing include: salmon and sturgeon swimming performance and behavior near unscreened water diversions and fish protection screens, the predictive value of temperature and salinity for the distribution of fishes in regulated systems, and how temperature affects the physiology of hardhead minnows. Other research interests cover a wide breadth of topics such as: stress responses and recovery in sturgeon utilizing fishways; environmental requirements of native fishes for conservation efforts; physiological ecology (including bioenergetics and osmoregulation); effects of pulsed-flows in altered river systems (fish distribution, physiology, behavior, and movements); salmonids use of submerged floodplain vegetation as hydraulic shields; fish screens, louvers, and deterrent devices..

Recent Publications:

Cocherell, D. E.; Kawabata, A.; Kratville, D. W.; Cocherell, S. A.; Kaufman, R. C.; Anderson, E. K.; Chen, Z. Q.; Vandeh, H.; Rotondo, M. M.; Churchwell, R.; Kavvas, M. L.; Cech, J.J., Jr. 2011: Passage performance and physiological stress response of adult white sturgeon ascending a laboratory fishway. J. Appl. Ichthyol. 27, 327–334.

Poletto, J.B., D.E. Cocherell, A.P. Klimley, J.J. Cech Jr., N.A. Fangue. 2013Behavioural salinity preferences of juvenile green sturgeon Acipenser medirostris acclimated to fresh water and full-strength salt water. Journal of Fish Biology Vol 82, 2; 671–685

Mussen, T.D., D.E. Cocherell, Z. Hockett, A. Ercan, H. Bandeh, M. L. Kavvas, J. J. Cech Jr. & N.A. Fangue. 2013. Assessing Juvenile Chinook Salmon Behavior and Entrainment Risk near Unscreened Water Diversions: Large Flume Simulations. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society (2) Vol 142, 1;130-142

Cocherell, S.A., S.N. Chun, D.E. Cocherell, L.C. Thompson, A.P. Klimley, J. J. Cech Jr. 2012. A lateral-displacement flume for fish behavior and stranding studies during simulated pulsed flows. Environmental Biology of Fishes Vol 93 1: 143-150

Cocherell S.A., D.E. Cocherell, G.J. Jones, JB. Miranda, L.C. Thompson, J. J. Cech Jr., & A. P. Klimley. 2011. Rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss energetic responses to pulsed flows in the American River, California, assessed by electromyogram telemetry. Environ Biol Fish 90:29–41.

Chun S.N., S.A. Cocherell, D.E. Cocherell, J.B. Miranda, G.J. Jones, J. Graham, A.P. Klimley, L.C. Thompson, & J.J. Cech Jr. 2011. Displacement, velocity preference, and substrate use of three native California stream fishes in simulated pulsed flows. Environ Biol Fish 90:43–52.

Cocherell, S.A., Jones, G.J., Miranda, J., Cocherell, DE, Cech, J.J. Jr., Thompson, L.C., Klimley, A.P. 2010. Distribution and movement of domestic rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, during pulsed flows in the South Fork American River, California. Environ Biol Fish 89(2):105–116.

Katzman S.M., J. Greathouse, J.M. Roessig, J. Graham, D.E. Cocherell, & J.J. Cech Jr. 2010. Water velocity preferences of Coho Salmon during the parr-smolt transformation. Environ Biol Fish 88:79–84.

CDWR (California Department of Water Resources. Fishery Improvements Section Bay- Delta Office). 2007. Through-Delta Facility white sturgeon passage ladder study. Klimley, A.P., J.J. Cech, Jr., and L.C. Thompson. 2007. Experimental and field studies to assess pulsed, water flow impacts on the behavior and distribution of fishes in the South Fork of the American River I (First Year). University of California, Davis, for the California Energy Commission, PIER Energy-Related Environmental Research. CEC Contract No. 500-2005-172.

Klimley, A.P., J.J. Cech, Jr., L.C. Thompson, S. A. Hamilton and D. E. Cocherell. 2007. Experimental and Field Studies to Assess Pulsed, Water Flow Impacts on the Behavior and Distribution of Fishes in the South Fork of the American River II. (Second Year). University of California, Davis, for the California Energy Commission, PIER Energy- Related Environmental Research. CEC Contract No. 500-01-044.

Juvenile Chinook salmon use of sandbar willows in a large-scale, simulated floodplain: Microhabitat selection and energetics. Final Report to CA Department of Water Resources 2007. Technical report.

Recent Presentations:

Dennis E. Cocherell. 2011 Green Sturgeon Experiments with Screens, Louvers, and Potential Enhancements to Fish Protection Devices: Small-Scale Flume Simulations. 45th Annual Cal-Neva Conference Lake Natoma Inn, Folsom, California March 30 - April 2.

Cocherell, D.E. 2006. Adult white sturgeon passage behavior, swimming performance, passage efficiency, and stress responses. Bioengineering Symposium, 40th Annual American Fisheries Society California-Nevada Chapter Conference, San Luis Obispo, CA. 30 March.

Cocherell, D.E. 2007. Using an Annular, Laboratory Gradient to Determine Preferred Temperatures of Adult Fishes. American Fisheries Society California annual meeting, San Francisco.

D.E. Cocherell, S.A. Hamilton, J.J. Cech, Jr., and A.P Klimley. 2007. Adult hardhead minnow and rainbow trout preference in a large, annular apparatus. Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Pulsed Flow Conference Program. Alumni Center, University of California, Davis. Available at: (November 2008)

Cocherell, D.E., O’Rear, T.A., Soyster, G., Bandeh, H., Chen, Z.Q., Lorenzato, S., Carlon, J., Cech, J. J. Jr., and M.L. Kavvas. 2007. Juvenile Chinook Salmon Use of Sandbar Willows in a Large-scale, Simulated Floodplain: Microhabitat Selection and Energetics. Riparian Habitat Joint Venture Conference December 4-6.

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