Alumnus: Israel



Josh A. Israel

Position: Postdoctoral Researcher

Campus Address:
Department of Animal Science

Office Phone: (530) 754-4155
Lab Phone: (530) 752-6351

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2007: University of California, Davis - Ph.D. Ecology

1995: University of California, Santa Cruz - B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Research Interests:

Conservation genetics of California fishes, population ecology of anadromous fishes, telemetry, stable isotopes, aquatic conservation and recovery planning, adaptive ecosystem management.


Bôrk, K., A. Drauch, J.A Israel, J. Pedroia, J. Rodzen, and B. May. 2008. “Development of new microsatellite primers for green and white sturgeon.” 9:973-979.

Klimley, A.P., P.A. Allen, J.A. Israel and J.T. Kelly. 2007. “Green Sturgeon and its Environment: Past, Present, and Future” Environmental Biology of Fishes, 79:415-421.

Shmigirilov A.P., A.A. Mednikova, J.A. Israel. “ 2007. Comparison of biology of the Sakhalin sturgeon, Amur sturgeon, and kaluga from the Amur River, Sea of Okhotsk, and Sea of Japan Biogeographic Province.” Environmental Biology of Fishes, 79:383-395.

Papa, R., J.A. Israel, F. N. Marzano, and B. May. 2007. “Assessment of Genetic Variation Among Reproductive Ecotypes of Klamath River Steelhead Reveals Differentiation Associated with Different Run-timings.”  Journal of Applied Ichthyology 23:142-146.

Moyle, P. and J.A. Israel. 2005. “Untested assumptions: effectiveness of screening diversions for conservation of fish populations. Fisheries: 30(5): 20-28.

Dr. Josh Israel in the field


Israel, J.A. 2008. “Integrating genetics into artificial propagation planning for salmonid reintroductions in California.” CALFED workshop on “The use of artificial propagation as a tool for native fish conservation in the western US: what we need to know for the preservation of Central Valley salmonids, delta smelt, and longfin smelt”, Sacramento CA.

Israel, J.A. 2008. “Conservation genetics of green sturgeon along the Pacific Coast.” Inaugural Pacific Northwest Green sturgeon meeting, Vancouver, WA.

Israel, J.A. 2008 “Fisheries Reconciliation: managing aquatic habitats in the face of climate change.” North Bay Watershed Association Symposium, Petaluma, CA.

Israel, J.A. 2008 “Genetic issues for the reintroduction of native fishes on the San Joaquin River.” Salmonid Restoration Federation, Lodi, CA.

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