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Myfanwy Johnston

Myfanwy Johnston

Position: Doctoral Student, Animal Behavior Graduate Group

1072 Academic Surge
Department of Wildlife, Fish, & Conservation Biology
Phone: (530) 752-3203

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2010: B.A., Marine Science, University of California at Berkeley.

2010: B.S., Conservation & Resource Studies, University of California at Berkeley

Research Interests:

Behavioral ecology of migration; the application of biotelemetry methods to conservation biology; scientific computing, statistical programming & data visualization.


Johnston, Myfanwy. “Tackling survival in the Delta.” Animal Behavior Graduate Group Seminar Series. Davis, 2016.

Johnston, Myfanwy. “Telemetry studies of white sturgeon and Chinook salmon in the Yolo Bypass flood- plain.” 8th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference. Sacramento, 2014.

Johnston, Myfanwy. “Examining White Sturgeon Movements in the Delta Using FishTracker.” Interagency Ecological Program Workshop. Folsom, 2014. (invited)

Johnston, Myfanwy. “Migratory Behavior of White Sturgeon in the Yolo Bypass.” Fish Passage Conference, Oregon State University, June 25, 2013.

Rowlands, Myfanwy, “Residence Time of White Sturgeon in the Yolo Bypass and Their Subsequent Movements in the Sacramento River Watershed in a Dry Year.” Conference Presentation presented at the 7th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference, Sacramento, CA, October 17, 2012.

Rowlands, Myfanwy, and Phillip Sandstrom. “Migratory Patterns and Survival of Juvenile Salmonids in the Yolo Bypass.” Conference Presentation presented at the 7th Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference, Sacramento, CA, October 17, 2012.

Rowlands, Myfanwy, “Movements, Survival, and Residence Times of Three Native Fish Species in the Yolo Bypass in a Dry Year.” Poster presented at the 7th Bienniel Bay-Delta Science Conference, Sacramento, CA, October 16, 2012.

Rowlands, Myfanwy, “Otters and Digital Technology: Novel Observational Methods for Data Collection and Outreach Communication.” Poster presented at the XIth International Otter Colloquium, Pavia, Italy, July 30, 2011.

Rowlands, Myfanwy, “One Flew Over the Otter’s Nest.” Video presented at the Our World-Underwater Rolex Scholarship Awards, New York City, New York, April 11, 2010.

Rowlands, Myfanwy, “An Introduction to Conservation Photography.” Katchemak Bay Research Reserve Lunch Seminar Series, Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center, March 18, 2010.

Rowlands, Myfanwy, “North American Scholarship Journeys.” Diving Equipment and Marketing Association Convention, Orlando, FL, November 6, 2009.

Rowlands, Myfanwy, “Conservation Photography: A Curriculum Case Study.” Conservation International Headquarters, Washington, D.C., October 23, 2009.

Rowlands, Myfanwy, “Conservation Photography and Its Applications to Marine Biology.” Central Caribbean Marine Institute, Little Cayman, July 28, 2009.

Rowlands, Myfanwy, “Underwater Compass Navigation: Magnetic Vs. Flux Compass Accuracy.” Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies, Two Harbors, CA, June 25, 2009.

Non-Refereed Publications

Rowlands, Myfanwy. 2007. Substrata preference in foraminifera fouling communities in Moorea, French Polynesia. eScholarship, University of California.

Popular Articles, Blogs, Video, and Photography

Johnston, Myfanwy. 2014-present. “Raise Your Hand If You’re New To This: An R Blog for the Rest of Us.”

Rowlands, Myfanwy. (Photographer). 2010. “Shark Spotters Not Taking Any Chances.” Weekend Argus, p4. Cape Town, South Africa.

Rowlands, Myfanwy. 2010. “The Best Opportunity in the World.” The Undersea Journal, Q4, 26-27.

Rowlands, Myfanwy. 2010. “A Scholar’s Year in Video”. Sport Diver Magazine.

Rowlands, Myfanwy. (Director). 2010. “One Flew Over the Otter’s Nest.” Documentary film, Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society.

Rowlands, Myfanwy. (Photographer). 2010. CCMI GG Photos 1-5. The Green Guide to the Cayman Islands: Sustaining Our Oceans and Islands. Central Caribbean Marine Institute, Cayman Islands.

Rowlands, Myfanwy. (Photographer). 2010. ICON Installation Nos. 1-2. ”Keeping Tabs on Reefs: NOAA’s New Monitoring Network Provides Data to Managers and Divers.” Alert Diver Magazine, Q2, p16.

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