Alumnus: Jorgensen



Salvador Jorgensen

Position: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Stanford University and Monterey Bay Aquarium

Address: Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University

Email: salvo at


2005: University of California, Davis - Ph.D. Ecology

1999: Sonoma State University - B.A. Environmental Studies - Conservation and Restoration

1988: John Abbott College, Montreal - Cegep degree - Art

Research Interests:

Studying movements and migrations of commercially targeted sharks and fishes; acoustic tagging and telemetry; GIS analysis and modeling.

Recent Publications and Presentations:

Klimley, A.P., J.E. Richert, and S.J. Jorgensen. 2005. The home of blue water fish. American Scientist 93:42-49.

Jorgensen, S. J., H. J. Spero, and A.M. Muhlia. 2003. Biogechemical linkages to pelagic fish migrations. IX International Symposium on the Sea of Cortez.

Klimley, A.P., S. C. Beavers, T.H. Curtis, and S.J. Jorgensen. 2002. Movements and swimming behavior of three species of sharks in La Jolla Canyon, California. Environmental Biology of Fishes, 63: 117-135.

Klimley, A.P., S.J. Jorgensen, A. Muhlia-Melo, and S.C. Beavers. 2003. Movements of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) to and from Espiritu Santo Seamount in Gulf of California. Fisheries Bulletin, 101: 684-692.

Mace, Amber J., David M. Kaplan, Salvador J. Jorgensen and Steven G. Morgan. 2001. Coupling ocean circulation and larval settlement around a headland: implications for designing marine reserves. Annual meeting of the American Society of Naturalists.

Mace, A.J., D.M. Kaplan, S.J. Jorgensen, S.G. Morgan, L.W. Botsford. 2001. Small-scale ocean circulation and larval settlement the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. Sixth Biennial Workshop on Research in the Gulf of the Farallones.

Muhlia-Melo, A., A.P. Klimley, R. Gonzales-Armas, S.J. Jorgensen, A. Travina-Castro, J. Roderigues-Romero, A. Amador Buenrastro. 2002 Pelagic fish assemblages at the Espititu Santo seamount in the Gulf of California during El Nino 1997-1998 and non El Nino conditions. Geofisica Internacional, Mexico.



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